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System of Interviews

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Each prisoner is allowed to hold two interviews per week with his relations/friends. The interviews are generally permitted in the "Mulaquat Jungla" of a jail which is near the Deodhi. The duration of each interview is 30 minutes. The interviews are conducted as per the first name alphabet of a prisoner and these are so arranged so that each alphabet has two days earmarked in a week. The interviews of sick prisoners are allowed either at the hospital or deodhi. Each prisoner is normally permitted three visitors per interview. During the interview, a prisoner is allowed to receive vegetarian food, fruits and clothes. He is further allowed to receive coupons worth Rs.250/- per interview. In addition, prisoners are entitled to receive interviews from his legal advisor on working days.

Tele Booking Facility for recording Interviews with prisoners is also available. Public can record their interviews over telephone number +91-11-28520202 (1300 Hrs to 2000 Hrs.) for interacting with prisoners lodged in respective jails.