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Legal Aid Activities

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A legal Aid Cell is functioning in each Jail which is being visited by the advocates deployed by Delhi State Legal Service Authority as well as Delhi High Court Legal Service Committee. The Legal Aid Cell are being regularly visited by secretaries of District Legal Services Committee who on their visit are ensuring that effective legal aid mechanism exist for the welfare of prisoners. It is also being ensured that every eligible prisoner is able to file his appeal at the State expenses and such prisoners are being regularly counseled by the prison authorities as well as by the visiting legal aid counsel.

  • A free Legal Aid Cell in each Jail in which the stationary items, typing material, books etc. are provided by the Jail Department.
  • Delhi Legal Services Authority deployed 27 advocates who are visiting the legal aid cells of the Jail and giving legal aid. The advocate deployed by Delhi High Court Legal Service Committee are also regularly visiting.
  • The Law students from law faculty and national law university are visiting the Jail to help in legal aid activities.
  • Regular drafting of application/petition/appeal of the prisoner by the advocates and legal panchayat formed by the legal literate prisoners.
  • The matter for release of sick, infirm or old aged inmates are taken up with court.
  • Custody parole to the convicts on the occasion of marriage, death, serious illness etc. by the Superintendent Jail.
  • Special Court organized on monthly basis at Tihar Court Complex for the minor offenders languishing in Jail. Till date one hundred & fifty two courts have been organized and cases of 5454 prisoners settled. During the year 11 Special Court settled 140 cases.
  • During the year 34384 male prisoners and 154 female prisoners were provided legal aid.

The prison department has sent a proposal to the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi proposing therein the initiation of Open Jail for the convicted prisoner at Tihar who has undergone two year conviction in the Semi Open Jail. The main feature of this Open Jail will be that the inmates will be able to go outside Tihar Complex for work and will come back during the prescribed evening hours. In the process the will be able earn the wages and will also familiarize themselves with outside world. The proposal has now been accepted.

Special Courts/Lok Adalats

In pursuance to the letter of Hon'ble Chief Justice of India in which suggestion was given to the Chief Justices of all High Courts that every Chief Metropolitan Magistrate of the area may hold his court once or twice in a month in jail to take up the cases of those undertrials who are involved in petty offences and are keen to confess their guilt, special Lok Adalats were organised in the Jail complex. Till date 119 courts have been organized and 4941 cases settled.

New Prison Act & Jail Manual

The Delhi Prisons Act, 2000 has been notified on 14/2/2002 . With the introduction of the new legislation with modern concepts of Prison Management, the jail functioning will be strengthened and reformation activities will get a boost. The New Prison Act will formalise and institutionalise the participation of NGOs in Prison Management. The draft of Delhi Prison Rules is under consideration of the Government.