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Central Jail Factory

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Quality Management System: ISO 9001: 2015 Certified)

 For further details regarding supply of any product our communication details are:

Address: Central Jail Factory, Central Jail No.02, Tihar, New Delhi – 110064

Contact Person   Dy. Superintendent (Factory)
Telefax +91-11-28522110 
Landline Phone  +91-11-28520012 - Extn.242 
Direct Telephone Lines  +91-11-28520695/+91-11-28520895 
Email ID dsfactorycj2[at]gmail[dot]com, scj2-tihar[at]nic[dot]in, superintendentcj2tihar[at]gmail[dot] com 

TIHAR PRISON is the largest prison complex in Asian region. Endeavor of Delhi Prison Administration is to reform and rehabilitate its inmates to put them on positive directions so that they can be established for their post release where they will already equipped with a knowledge of some trade of their skills and can earn their livelihood. Prison Administration has a long history of reforming thousands and thousands of prison inmates.

The Central Jail Factory, a sub unit of Delhi Prisons Department, is one of the most prestigious and key establishment of Delhi Prison Department having engaged around 400 prison inmates (convicts) in its different units. Main focus of Jail Factory remains towards all-round welfare including reformation, rehabilitation and reintegration of its inmates, being trained for different skilled jobs/trades like Carpentry, Chemical, Paper, Weaving and Tailoring etc. Taking this object step ahead, a Jail Factory provides training of many skilled job / trade to the convicts with their interest and state-of-art machinery.

A classified range of products are manufactured in the Central Jail Factory at Jail No.02 with the use of quality materials and ingredients in the most hygienic conditions, which give its products a touch of excellence. When a Jail Made Product is purchased by anyone, a part of their contribution also goes to benefit of the victims, inmates and their families.

Carpentry Unit :

Carpentry Unit produces household furniture like double bed, dining set, chair and sofa sets, classical wooden art and wooden art products for residence and workplaces and commercial furniture like duel-desk and office-school-collage furniture etc.



This is the largest section of Jail Factory, providing training to around 400 inmates at a time. This unit manufactures diverse range of furniture like school Dual Desks, Office Furniture, Household Furniture etc. the products are supplied to schools of Directorate of Education-Govt. of Delhi, Industrial Training Institutes (it is), Polytechnic Colleges, Department of Social Welfare and other private organizations. The turnover of this unit for the financial year 2009-10 is Rs.6.50 crores.

Jail Factory has received an order from Directorate of Education, Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi for supply of 60,000 Dual Desks to be used in all the govt. Schools. The total value of the order is Rs.12 crores. Directorate of Education and Tihar Jail Factory are in the process of signing a Memorandum of Undertaking for supply of entire production of Dual Desks to the schools of Directorate of Education on a long term basis.

imgWeaving & Tailoring Units imparts training amongst the prisoners in weaving of cloth and tailoring of apparels. There are number of Powerlooms and Handlooms which are used for training of inmates and various techniques of weaving of cloth and products such as Darri, Khess, Footmat, Duster, Pochha Terri Cotton and Cotton Cloth etc. are learnt to the inmates. Tailoring Unit produces apparels for convicts and staff and readymade garments besides the uniform for prison staff. Major part of its products is used for in house consumption by the department.









Chemical Unit :

Chemical Unit produces pure mustard oil and housekeeping products such as black phenyl etc. The Mustard Oil is extracted from the mustard seeds procured through bulk supply.


Its quality has been liked by everyone and it is always on demand in the open market because of its purity. Around 90% of its mustard oil is used in the kitchens (langars) of Delhi Prisons and rest of the stocks is sold through its own outlets and internal canteens. Black phenyl and other housekeeping products are also produced in this unit which is mostly used for self-consumptions in Delhi Prisons.

Paper Unit :

Paper Unit imparts training to the inmates for environmental friendly production of handmade paper prepared with all 90% of waste hosiery cuttings and paper.



It`s products such as file-covers, file-board carry-bags and envelopes etc. are liked by the user departments and are on higher demands by the Hon`ble Supreme Court of India, High Court of Delhi and other Government Departments. This unit has a bulk supply orders from these departments, which are the prominent customers using those products in their offices apart from the other government departments.

Food Processing Unit :

Pickle/Papad, Vermicelli (Sewian) etc. are made in this unit by female inmates.

Pottery Unit :

Designer Pottery and Ceramic products are produced.

Shoe Making Unit :

This unit has been started in December, 2009. It provides training of shoe stitching and shoe making to 50 inmates.