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Panchayat System and Participative Management

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Prisoners are encouraged to participate in the management of their welfare activities. Sense of responsibility is inculcated in the prisoners to prepare them for social integration. Prisoners bodies called "Panchayats" are constituted to help prison administration in the field of education, vocational education, legal counseling, kitchen, public works etc. Once in every year a Mahapanchayat is organised in all Central Jail on rotational basis, in which panchayat members of all Tihar Prisons participated along with about 2000 prisoners to discuss problems of prisoners. The Mahapanchayat was an open meeting of prisoners taken by DG (Prisons) and it was held in the presence of electronic and print media. This gives an opportunity to all the prisoners to air their grievances before the head of the Prisons Administration i.e. "The Sarpanch". All such suggestions/Grievances are sympathetically heard and immediate redressal actions are initiated. Besides giving the prisoners a sense of pride it also helps in letting the steam off which may otherwise lead to serious consequences, if allowed to accumulate. The prisons look like a self-contained Indian village where the prisoners themselves regulate their welfare activities under the guidance of prison officials. The prisoners themselves manage prisoner welfare canteens.