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Greetings From Director General (Prison)

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Director General (Prison) - Sanjay Beniwal

We welcome you to our website.

Delhi Prisons strive to reform, reintegrate and rehabilitate the prisoners in the society. The challenge before any Jail Administration is to make the imprisonment purposeful in every way for those who have to undergo the same. We begin, by attempting to minimize the suffering of a person who has been imprisoned by providing an efficient and transparent administration. We provide them the opportunity to use their time purposefully and constructively by learning new skills, pursuing education and resolving their inner conflicts. It has been our endeavour to treat every prisoner in Delhi Prisons with dignity and respect.

Today, Delhi Prisons are perceived as harbinger of human rights of prisoners and are being considered as role model by the National and International Prison Community.

Delhi Prisons are known for innovations in correctional activities. Open/Semi-open Prison is one such effort wherein convicted prisoners having good conduct may undergo their sentence in a relaxed environment to enable rehabilitation and reintegration into the society. Yoga, meditation and spiritual activities constitute an important component of reformation and rehabilitation policy of Delhi Prisons which bring qualitative change in the life of prisoners. Thousands of prisoners have participated in the spiritual programmes conducted by the Prison administration and a marked change has been observed in their behaviour.

There is a creche in the Prisons to take care of children till the age of six years. Later their schooling is undertaken with the help of NGOs. A number of activities are undertaken for the entertainment of inmates including TJ's FM Radio's have been launched in the jails to engage the prison inmates in creative activities and in learning vocational skills. The Prison inmates are encouraged to participate in creative literary activities like poetry and essay writing, journalism, painting etc.

Delhi Prison has entered into an MoU with Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University. Teachers and Vocational Skill Trainers are also visiting Delhi Jails from the Department of Education and Training & Technical Education.

The projects relating to bakery, carpentry, mustard oil extraction, weaving etc. have helped inculcate skills which will open up employment opportunities for inmates on their release. At the same time, they earn for the work they do during their incarceration period and their mind is purposefully occupied. This helps to fulfil our mission to reform, rehabilitate and reintegrate the inmates.

A number of organizations have come forth to play an active role in shaping designate of the inmates inside Prison and in their lives once their term is over and they go back to society.